Children and Massage

Don’t forget the kids!

How amazing technology is, but do we ever think how bad computers are for our posture and the effect it has on young children and teenagers who spend many hours on computers or mobile devices.  This can lead to headaches which in itself can lead to bad concentration.  Slouching in chairs at a computer or laptop on your lap, carrying heavy bags over one shoulder can all lead to problems from an early age.

Playing lots of sport is good for you but can also lead to muscular tightness in children and teenagers which is often overlooked.  When muscles become tight it feels more difficult for you to adopt good posture, you just want to get into a comfortable position. Massage will loosen muscles enabling you to be more conscious of posture and an easy stretching routine started in adolescence could help in later life.

I have treated children with massage as young as 9 years old with neck and shoulder pain and tightness.  So next time you book yourself a deep tissue massage why not consider whether your children might benefit from a treatment also.

Susie Lancaster

From the team at Barron Chiropractic Clinic - celebrating 30 years of providing natural healthcare to the people of Walton-on-Thames

One thought on “Children and Massage

  1. My daughter Lucy had been ill for about 2 years finally we got a diagnosis from the doctor she was extremely constipated and the doctors prescribed movicol which we tried to use to no avail trying to force 10 sachets of medicine into a child in one day is not easy especially when it tastes disgusting so at the end of my tether and willing to try any thing I dubiously took my daughter to see Cat at the baron clinic me and my husband are both patients here also. Not expecting much from our visit but willing to try in we went to find Cat amazing with Lucy and very helpful and informative so she got to work on Lucy and oh my god what a difference Lucy is now very happy and unconstipated and she hasn’t taken any Medicine since the day we first went to the baron clinc I was amazed by the results and would recommend any body take their child to the clinic they treat for all sorts of things we attend once every 3 months and have a happy care free child.

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