Elizabeth Temperley-Shell

Elizabeth Temperley-Shell, BSc(Hons), Lic Ac, BA(Hons) MBAcC

Elizabeth graduated from the renowned College of Intergrated Chinese Medicine (CICM) in Reading with a BSc (Hons) degree. Having studied both Five Element Acupunture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) she offers an intergrated approach to treatment.

Five Element acupuncture addresses the patient’s deepest constitutional imbalance with an emphasis on treating at an emotional or ‘spirit’ level, whilst TCM treats at a more physical level and addresses a range of illnesses. This combination of treatment styles allows patients to be treated holistically; taking account of wider aspects of a patient’s health and wellbeing; treating not only a main complaint, but to also identify and address underlying causes, and related symptoms.

Elizabeth believes in the importance of nutrition as an adjunct to achieving health and well-being, and has an interest in the energetics of Traditional Chinese Medicine food theory and the benefits it brings.

Since graduating, she has completed further training in specialist acupuncture treatments for Fertility and Facial Rejuvenation.

Elizabeth is a member of the British Acupuncture Council (BAcC) and as such is bound by strict Codes of Safe Practice, and Professional Conduct. These Codes ensure that patients are offered the highest standards of professional care during their treatments.

If you would like to know more about Acupuncture and how it can help you, visit the British Acupuncture Council website www.acupuncture.org.uk where you will find summarised research fact sheets on a wide range of conditions that can be treated with acupuncture, or you can contact Elizabeth through the Barron clinic, on 01932 227360

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