Parent Chiropractic Blog Part 1

A Parent’s Journey Through Chiropractic Care


Reaching quickly to grab my child before he fell, and potentially hurting himself, I did what any parent would do – I reacted without thinking. Narrowly avoiding the need to visit the nearest emergency department. Victory.

However, just as soon as I had quietly celebrated with a huge sigh of relief, I felt the dreadful sensation that only something going wrong in my lower back can cause.

All three: my nerves, joints and muscles were tickled by that automatic response and, as quickly as I jolted, I straightened-up again, hoping to have got away with it.

But, no. Walking and sitting proved agonizing and the worry about trying to contain my toddler with a stiff back beyond worried me.

Since having my child, I’ve had the same niggles that most new mums, and indeed all new parents, suffer with from time to time: crookneck from sleeping at all kinds of ridiculous angles; shoulder pain from learning how to hold and nurse an infant that then turns into a beautiful little boy who adores to be held while I walk.

Over time, and with the need to press on and get things done by doing things such as loading the shopping one-handed and holding a wriggling child – it’s no wonder that aches and pains start happening.

Previously (before children), I exercised regularly and, although arguably I get plenty of exercise running around after my child, I don’t get that specific time in the gym lifting weights and strengthening my muscles. Neither can I regularly attend any of the conditioning classes that I used to love.

So, it’s for all of these reasons, as well as that we’d love to have another child at some point soon, that I began to wonder how much longer my body can cope?

It’s simply paramount – I need to feel good again, not just as preparation for another pregnancy, but so I can comfortably keep up with my little boy.

It’s at this point that I randomly remember Chiropractic Therapy.

Forgive me. It’s been a while; I last had treatment following a torn ligament in my right knee when I was a teenager. The treatment that I had back then was brilliant, so much so that I haven’t had to return – not until now, that is.

Though, in hindsight, routine check-ups probably would have kept my back in much better shape and potentially it could have even had an effect on my son’s breech presentation at birth. (I now know, having stumbled across an article on the subject, that there is an association between misalignment in pregnancy and baby’s position at birth).

Which means no amount of Optimal Foetal Positioning or Pregnancy Yoga was ever going to save me from being advised to have an elective C-section, not unless my body was in alignment in the first place.

Slightly frustrating, but also very satisfying, because, as the saying goes: knowledge is power.

Sure, I know that babies can be breech for no reason at all, but it seems I had a very good reason why it may have occurred.

Armed with this information and understanding, along with a rekindling of my praise for chiropractic therapy, I make an appointment at The Barron Clinic in Walton on Thames, hoping that they will click and manipulate away my niggles and put me in a better position for another pregnancy.


Louisa Mallejacq-Flynn


From the team at Barron Chiropractic Clinic - celebrating 30 years of providing natural healthcare to the people of Walton-on-Thames