Parent Chiropractic Blog Part 2

A Parent’s Journey Through Chiropractic Care


My initial meeting with Dr. Catherine Silcock was wonderful. Cat, as she is also known, made me feel so at ease. It was clear that not only did she really understand where I was coming from in terms of my parenting choices, but also she clearly associated some of the physical and emotional strains of motherhood that are now troubling my body.

As a working mother of three young boys, Cat was able to season my treatment with meaningful conversation about the joys and challenges of motherhood, and she gently advised me on how I can try to make more time for me, especially in preparation for another pregnancy.

In my consultation, we discussed my mild scoliosis (leg length difference) and how that came to bear on my knee when I was growing up, and its result in my other knee locking so badly when I was a teenager, that I was literally hopping around like a flamingo for a week. All this leading me on to how a Chiropractor previously helped me overcome that particular problem, and relive my aching back.

I explained how I’d let the Chiropractic appointments slip out of mind because life happened: starting university, then work, followed by love, marriage and children. But mainly because I didn’t really have any niggles, thus no real pressing need to have treatment.

Not until now.

Cat completely understood. No raised eyebrows or condescending smiles. There wasn’t any pressure, just a friendly nudge to get myself sorted. Seeing as I am getting older, and it’s in our thirties, and when we have children, that many of these ‘things’ start to rear their ugly heads.

Having been bent, pressed and clicked about, Cat was able to tell me that the leg difference (which was originally under a couple of centimeters when I last had it sorted, had crept up – through lack of hip rotation and movement in my spine – imagine a sort of concertina-effect on the right side of my body) was almost two inches at the start of treatment. Then after just one 40-minute session, Cat had managed to reduce that difference down to half of that when I first sat down. I felt instantly better balanced.

To say you can’t feel the treatment would be an untruth, but it didn’t hurt. Cat warned me that I may feel like I’ve had a workout the next day, but I didn’t feel anything other that much freer and less stiff than I had in years. And that’s after just one treatment. I can’t wait for the next one.


Louisa M-F

From the team at Barron Chiropractic Clinic - celebrating 30 years of providing natural healthcare to the people of Walton-on-Thames