Parent Chiropractic Blog Part 3

A Parent’s Journey Through Chiropractic Care 


Disaster has struck.

A few days after my amazing treatment, I’ve pulled my neck and shoulder muscles and it hurts. It really hurts!

It seems I was enjoying the freedom a little too much, and I overstretched when I woke up and… click-clack-crunch… my neck has seized up.

Quick to let Cat know that I can’t keep my head up for long, I am offered an appointment as soon as possible.

I meet with Dr. Julian Welch, Cat’s husband and original owner of The Barron Clinic. Julian is also something of a neck specialist, and although the thought of any further pain or immobility in my neck makes me want to cry, I trust that I am being looked after.

And rightly so.

During the 20-minute treatment, Julian pays particular attention to the neck area and identifies a number of issues that ring true to me – not least a trauma to the area that I experienced over a decade ago.

Furthermore, the loosening up of everything makes one a little more susceptible to this sort of thing. With all the imbalance on the right side of my back, it makes sense that the left-side of my neck (where it hurts most) was taking all the strain and is now reacting.

Julian performed a number of techniques and, incredibly, I left with my neck feeling a lot better than when I went in.

Over a period of another two treatments, in quite close succession to each other, my neck, back and leg is made more and more comfortable and my body soon gets used to the increased freedom and improved alignment that chiropractic therapy is providing.

As well as the treatments, I have become more thoughtful about the strains that my body is under, and a number of things seem to help:

–  I try to wear my insole at all times (so that my hips are as balanced as possible). This means really thinking about the shoes that I am wearing. I am also in the process of throwing away the flimsy shoes that offer no support, and I plan to have the heel built-up on another pair. I have also pledged to only invest in well-made shoes from now on.

– I am more mindful of my body. Not only is a good mattress and pillow essential for a happy spine, the knock-on effect is what creates a pattern of more restorative sleep. This is something of a challenge for a parent of a ‘wakeful’ toddler that ends up in my bed. It’s fine, I embrace it, but I am also aware that bed sharing can force me into all sorts of unfavourable sleeping positions.

-I am mindful of my posture when walking and sitting, and I am aware of the dangers of mindless stretching.

-I’ve even changed the way that I look at my phone. We all tend to look down at our devices and tilt our heads slightly, when really we should lift our phones up higher to be more in line with our eyes.

So, here I am, sat writing this feeling less achy but more aware, and I will have a slightly longer break before my next appointment.

It will be interesting to see how I cope, the aim being that we will stretch the time between treatments more and more, until we arrive at a regular maintenance situation.

Just like visiting the dentist, Chiropractic treatment is now one of my regular health commitments and I am determined not to let them slip.



Louisa M-F

From the team at Barron Chiropractic Clinic - celebrating 30 years of providing natural healthcare to the people of Walton-on-Thames