Your 1st Visit

We realise that your 1st visit to our office may be a daunting prospect, as you will often be in pain, and not know what to expect.

When you arrive at the clinic you will be greeted by one of our friendly receptionists, who will ask you to fill in a new patient questionnaire. The Chiropractor will then greet you and start off by asking a few questions about your current problem, as well as a more detailed investigation into your health in order that we can build up a full picture of your condition.

You will then be asked to change, and will be either asked to undress and given a patient gown to wear if you’re female, or a dressing gown for the men. A physical exam will follow as long as you’re happy to proceed, including orthopaedic and neurological testing, none of which should be at all unpleasant. Following this we will discuss what we have found and what we intend to do to remedy the problem, and treatment started, unless x-rays are needed before we can get started. Recommendations on future treatment and advice on how you can help yourself will often be given, and then the only painful part, paying before you leave!

We hope to see you at the Barron Clinic soon so that we can start to help you achieve your goals.

From the team at Barron Chiropractic Clinic - celebrating 30 years of providing natural healthcare to the people of Walton-on-Thames