Massage and the Stress factor

Massage has been around since ancient Egyptian times.  Ever since, it has been shown to relax and stimulate body and mind, boost the circulation and help relax tense muscles.

Nowadays, we are all likely to suffer at times from the stress caused by our busy lives.  This can be caused by such things as: a pending exam, moving house, divorce, bereavement, depression, anxiety.  The side effects can be varied.  Maybe we aren’t sleeping well, are suffering from headaches or just not able to switch off.

Also, using a computer can cause tension in the neck, shoulders and arms and, in some people, headaches.  Treatments including scalp massage especially aid sleep and relaxation.

Many people find it gives them a good night’s sleep and with regular treatments makes them feel like their old selves.

So, if you feel exhausted, cannot concentrate, are sleeping badly or suffering from headaches, you should not ignore these signals and treat yourself to a massage.


Susie Lancaster

From the team at Barron Chiropractic Clinic - celebrating 30 years of providing natural healthcare to the people of Walton-on-Thames